Entry #1

Level 70 Musician LFG

2008-08-08 20:43:49 by Gebz

So I've been uninspired for a pretty long time, and I need something to push me back into writing music. Who wants me to make wonderful musicness for them?


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2008-08-08 21:22:49

Akatsuki434 does after you do tell me cuz it will inspire me to.


2009-07-23 22:25:58

I don't see what could keep you from
losing inspiration when your music sounds so nice.
It would be cool if you could make more and suprise me
with something new. You have my full support! Im also a
music producer and I try to better myself everyday. So keep
trying and lets be friends


2010-07-29 01:11:59

I'll write a poem, you write a song about it. :P

Gebz responds:

Oh my god yes.


2010-10-28 21:12:37

Your music is asowme. One of them "You can't lose them all" from Enigmata 2
is vary relaxing.Do like have the scrip for so if anyone can paly it forme their own
instrument such as the piano?